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In today’s fast paced and distractible
world we need to connect more efficiently
with people, information and ourselves.

Rebecca Shafir, Mindful Communication Expert

Rebecca Shafir, M.A., CCC

Whether you’re a student, a parent, a boomer or a zoomer (65+), it is possible to increase your thinking, learning and communication skills to new levels of mastery. Through a guided “brain training” approach you can fine tune your brain to achieve higher grades, emotional balance, a sharper memory and faster learning.  Let me help you get there with state-of-art, evidence-based approaches that work!  

Many of you will have different starting points, click your path below to a better quality of life and a better brain:

Manage stress and anxiety. Uncontrolled stress and worry can obliterate your thinking and communication efficiency. Learn the best ways to clear your mind and get the job done.

Improve your brain functioning. How’s your control of attention and focus, sleep, mood, energy and clarity? Do you suffer from migraines? Have you ever had a concussion? Without a solid neurological infrastructure life is more difficult.

Increase your working memory capacity. Your ability to mentally multi-task is key to getting things done. If you feel a big gap between your performance at school or the workplace and your potential, a weak working memory may be the culprit.

Become a mindful listener. This powerful skill can make major changes in the way you process information, negotiate, and lead. Any family counselor will agree: the key to successful relationships and a good marriage is listening. 

Sound like a successful professional. A powerful vocal image communicates confidence, leadership and know-how. A good verbal impression can support a great resume. It can also help a so-so resume sound sensational.

  • As a better listener and a more self-aware speaker, you:
  • Increase loyalty – with customers, with the public, within a family or company
  • Boost teamwork and cooperation
  • Resolve conflicts and head off litigation
  • Reduce stress, prevent burnout and cope with information overload 
  • Remember more and be remembered
  • Persuade others more easily
  • Study and work both efficiently and effectively
  • Become more likable and trusted

    Listening Skills Are Key to Business Success
    In a 2009 study by RainToday.com, "Service provider did not listen to me" was the most widely cited complaint, named by 38% of those buying professional services. Additionally, 55% of those surveyed said they would be "much more likely" to consider hiring the provider if they listened better. Is your listening up to par?

Don’t just talk, and don’t pretend to listen. Instead, connect.

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