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About Rebecca Shafir, M.A., CCC
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Speech/language pathologist, voice coach and neurotherapist Rebecca Shafir has over 25 years experience training students and professional speakers to learn and communicate more effectively.

Rebecca has served as Chief of the Communications Disorders Department at Choate-Symmes Health Services, Chief of Speech/Language Pathology at the Lahey Clinic Medical Center, and Clinician/Director of Business Development at the Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health in Sudbury,Massachusetts. She also has a private practice in West Newbury.

Her award-winning book The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction has been translated into German, Spanish and Turkish and has sparked articles about her in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Readers Digest, Real Simple and many other popular publications, as well as hundreds of radio/TV interviews. She has produced two instructional CDs : Speaking with Power and Persuasion and The Listener’s Edge. Rebecca also contributed a chapter in Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship (Hick & Bien 2008).

One of Rebecca’s interests is cognitive health, specifically executive functioning. Executive functions include the ability to plan, prioritize, initiate tasks and sustain attention -- skills needed for success in school and the workplace. The effectiveness of these functions, however, depend upon one’s ability to self regulate emotions and manage stress. She offers Emergency Academic Recovery System (EARS) with an emphasis on emotional self-regulation as a first step for those with ADD/ADHD, head injury, dementia, anxiety and depression who do not benefit enough from medications. These may include biofeedback, neurofeedback and working memory training.

For older adults, Rebecca’s talk Staying Sharp: Brain Fitness for Boomers and Beyond delivers the most up to date information on brain fitness for older adults who choose to be vibrant, engaged, and for many actively employed.

Another area of Rebecca’s expertise is voice coaching and presentation skills. Her extensive background in theater and opera enabled her to train professional speakers and aspiring entrepreneurs to enhance their presentation skills for connecting better with investors and customers. She will train your key employees or your entire staff to enhance their vocal presence and public speaking effectiveness. In her latest talk Preparing to Swim with the Sharks Rebecca guides aspiring entrepreneurs through the dark waters of rejection and uncertainty to get the attention of potential backers.

You can contact Rebecca at RebeccaShafir@att.net or (978) 255-1817 for more information.





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