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Integrative, Non-Medication Approaches

Staying Sharp: Brain Training for Entrepreneurial Success

Staying Sharp -Brain Fitness for Boomers and Seniors

Strengthening the Weak Link in Children and Adults with ADHD 

Speaking with Impact: Voice Coaching for Business Professionals

Mindful Listening for Parents: The Best Lesson You Can Teach Your Child

  Staying Sharp: Brain Training for Entrepreneurial Success

Link to the title: This (1.5 or  2 hour format) seminar is directed towards the greatest population of self-starters - Boomers or younger whose skills and visionary strengths  are hindered by  cognitive challenges secondary to ADHD, or ADT ( acquired ADHD or Attention Deficit Traits),anxiety,  aging or other learning weaknesses.  Students will: 1) acquire a basic understanding of what's going on in their brains from a neurological point of view and 2) learn effective solutions rendered by recent breakthroughs in neuroscience. Practical and affordable solutions for improving concentration and managing stress & distraction, organization, mental stamina, reading comprehension, communication, starting and finishing tasks (even undesirable but essential tasks!) and memory are key areas addressed in this seminar. Instructor: Rebecca Shafir M.A.CCC

Integrative, Non-Medication Approaches to ADHD, anxiety, depression, Asperger’s, stroke, post-concussive syndrome, and executive dysfunction for children and adults. Click for more info.

Staying Sharp- Brain Fitness for Boomers and Seniors

In this one hour presentation, you will learn practical ways to limit senior moments, distractibility and foggy thinking and prevent the onset of Alzheimer's decline. Improve your listening, recall more of what you read. Rebecca Shafir (neurotherapist and speech language pathologist) simplifies the current brain research that supports neuroplasticity – the ability rejuvenate old brain cells and create new ones. Get a chance to try biofeedback and user-friendly, research- based software programs that can help boomers and seniors stay sharp.

"Rebecca presented Staying Sharp to an overflowing crowd at the Gleason Public Library in Carlisle. We found her to be very knowledgeable, engaging, entertaining, and informative. We all left with positive ways to improve our brain health now and in the future. We look forward to having her back at another time for another exciting lecture."

- Angela

Contact Rebecca about Staying Sharp seminar.

Strengthening the Weak Link in Children and Adults with ADHD

Did you know that Working Memory (WM) is the new IQ? WM is the best indicator of academic success; better than IQ scores. WM underlies several functions related to learning and is considered by researchers to be the weak link in persons with ADHD. The good news is that WM can be improved. In this 90 minute talk, qualified Cogmed Working Memory Training coach Rebecca Shafir will describe WM's impact on academics and social skills, the research behind WM training and several ways to compensate for poor working memory at home and at school.

"Rebecca Shafir brought a wealth of information to our special education parents in Georgetown with her interactive presentation, Working Memory: Strengthening the Weak Link in ADD/ADHD! A dynamic and engaging speaker, Ms. Shafir clearly explained to our parents and teachers the nature of working memory, shown to be a weak link for many ADHD students, but affecting those with other special needs as well. She shared her impressive knowledge, gained through long experience as a Speech Pathologist and Clinician at both Lahey Clinic and The Hallowell Center, to inform and empower our attendees to take specific steps to help our children. Rebecca described for us the most cutting-edge research, best practices, evidence-based strategies, and effective interventions to bolster working memory that we, as parents and teachers, can implement with our struggling learners. These steps and strategies have been shown to improve behavioral choices, increase reading comprehension, math skills, time and materials management; they can also reduce the impulsivity and disinhibition for students that lead to social problems. We are very appreciative that such a educational, insightful, and understanding leader in her field could come to speak with us! I continue to hear positive feedback about her presentation from those who attended-let the positive change begin! "

- Pam Lundquist, Chairperson, GeorgetownSEPAC & GeorgetownCARES "

Contact Rebecca about Working Memory seminar.

Speaking with Impact: Voice Coaching for Business Professionals

Your voice speaks volumes about you – more than what you have to say. In 8 seconds or less, the average listener decides whether or not you are worthy of continued attention and investment. The sound of your voice and the clarity of your speech convey a message about trust, motivation, persuasion and passion. When you have a great product or service, why sabotage yourself with a lackluster delivery?

In a small group, Rebecca teaches the speech and voice techniques used by political candidates, radio/TV personalities and the top sales pros in the country. 

Group coaching is interactive, based upon a lecture/demonstration format. It can be addressed to the group as a whole covering the essentials of vocal image enhancement and include a baseline assessment for each individual. The sessions can last a half day or all day, or extend over two days for maximum benefit. Fees vary according to the size of the group and the services requested.

Contact Rebecca about Speaking with Impact seminar.

Mindful Listening for Parents: The Best Lesson You Can Teach Your Child 

Ask any parent what they wish their children would do better, and the most likely reply is “To listen!” Ask the children what they wish parents would do better, and the reply is exactly the same – “To listen!” 

Unfortunately, better listening isn’t usually taught in school. So it’s up to parents to set the foundation for listening at home… and it’s never too late.

This talk highlights the importance of listening for everyday communication and family relationships, including:

  • The listening challenges we face in the 21st century and what we can expect in the future as “technocreep” further infiltrates society 
  • Listening myths – and the truth about listening
  • The four characteristics of mindful listening, and how it changes relationships
  • How the brain listens – the neurophysiology of hearing and listening in simple terms, and what we know about gender listening differences
  • Barriers to listening and how to transcend them
  • The four most common listening stoppers and how to listen under stress
  • Hearing it, but not “getting it”: how to spot an auditory processing problem and what you can do about it 

Better listening starts with parents! This talk is practical and enlightening and includes time for questions and answers.

Contact Rebecca about Mindful Listening for Parents seminar.


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