Hello COREageous Readers,

Excuse my absence over the last couple weeks. Covid totally sapped my faculties; it was miserable.

If you are recovering from the virus du jour or the general malaise of the winter, you need to charge up the motivation to get stuff done. Lots of downtime on social media or the news weakens your resolve and invites saboteurs* (the inner critics) to party hardy in your mind.

Here are three common post-Covid complaints and solutions:

You are overwhelmed. Break up your mega to-do list into categories:  home, personal and work. Devise prioritization criteria for sifting out what really needs to get done this week.

Your energy and perseverance are flagging. Get some fresh air and work on your breathing. Start working out in 10 – 15 minute chunks, gradually regaining your strength and energy to full throttle.

You are overly distractible. Hide the phone, off with the TV, clear your desk, announce to friends what you plan to complete that day. Make your distractions your rewards for getting a high priority task(s) completed.

*If you are curious as to which saboteurs stalk you at your weakest, take the self-assessment tool designed by Shirzad Chamine, the author of Positive Intelligence, at  Knowing the culprits that invade your mindspace is the first step towards undermining them.

Need assistance in getting back in gear? A coaching session or two can do the trick. Contact me at

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