Now that summer is upon us and living is a little easier, this is a good time to invest in your personal growth as a leader/founder. Where to start?

According to the Stanford Research Institute International and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation only 25 % of long term job success depends on technical skills, where a whopping 75% depends on soft skill mastery. Soft skills include critical thinking, leadership and communication skills, with the latter topping the list. (Actually, all the soft skills have language at their core!)

If you haven’t already discovered – in business, communication is everything.

To identify where your communication skills need a boost, ask yourself and a trusted other :

  1. What comments about my communication skills have I received? In what ways am I most effective in communicating with customers or as leader of a team? How am I least effective?
  2. In what situations (sales, negotiation, conflicts, public speaking, etc) do I find my communication competency challenged?
  3. How would I rate my emotional intelligence (the ability to manage my emotions appropriately and influence the emotions of others) in regards to communication?
  4. Would my team and those I interact with on a regular basis call me a “good listener?”
  5. Does my co-founder (if I have one) complement or conflict with my communication style?

Want to be a more mindful communicator at home and at work? Coaching works! Contact me at [email protected]

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