80/20 NoCrastination

Let the 80 → 20 NoCrastination Tool clear the way to your TASK.

Feeling Like This?


This is where you want to be!

How Does the 80 → 20 NoCrastination Tool Work?

  • Have a pencil and a pad of paper ready for notes
  • There are a total of 10 questions.  Each question clears an obstacle and brings you one step closer to starting the TASK.
  • After you answer each question, click “NEXT STEP” and move to the next question. If a question doesn’t apply to your TASK, just click “NEXT STEP” and move to the next question.
  • Once you hit the 80% mark (Step #8) you’ve cleared the obstacles to starting the TASK. The remaining 20% (Steps #9 and #10) is a sprint to the finish. Your TASK is finally underway and nearing completion.
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