According to Robert Kent, former dean of Harvard Business School,” In business, communication is everything. ” Therefore, just as you standardize operating procedures and systems, why not create a Communication Best Practices Manifesto for your startup — a standard guide for communication excellence?

My suggestion is not meant to tyrannize your team nor turn them robotic, but to establish a short stack of healthy, efficient and consistent road rules for serving customers and working well together.

It should include core skills like mindful listening and ways to deal with conflict. It can include specifics like “customer calls are returned within the hour” or “meeting agendas are sent out at least 24 hours in advance.”  The manifesto can be a dynamic tool, one that can be modified as teams grow and as communication demands become more complex.

To start, envision what culture of communication you want to foster, then create communication guidelines that best match that culture.

A standard for communication practices established early on can avert events that endanger startups such as team conflict, customer confusion and dissatisfaction among other preventable pitfalls.

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