About this time of year is when good intentions for building a new habit start to fade. Check with your local health club, if you doubt me. Research from University College London concluded that the median amount of time necessary to build a new habit takes 66 consecutive days!  

Hopefully, you are still going strong towards your 2022 Resolution. Do you have a back-up plan for if and when the habit formation process is challenged?

For example, if your goal is to work out first thing every morning, having your workout clothes at the foot of your bed makes it easy to get up and jump on the tread mill. But what happens to your habit-building streak if one morning the dog runs off with your shorts, or if the treadmill breaks down? Those interruptions can allow all sorts of distractions to deter you from your workout and weaken your resolve.

Just like in business, have a Plan B and Plan C to stay on track – an extra pair of shorts on the nightstand, or a substitute series of aerobic exercises. Habit-building is an endurance test, so make the process easier with a back-up plan.

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