Do you see sleep as an inconvenience, a waste of time, being lazy? I did too! I admire folks who perform at their peak with only 3-4 hours sleep. Towards that end, but to no avail, I meditated, took Chi Gong classes, and listened to Jocko.

Alas, there was no disputing the awesome effects of good sleep on my well-being and performance. After a deeper dive into studying sleep and how it affects brain function, I was all in — 8-9 hours is A-ok with me.

Even now, armed with enough data to challenge my sleep resistant clients, it’s still tough to convince them that sleep is not a tyrant or something you do on the weekends.  What has been more effective was my suggestion to regard sleep as something their business absolutely cannot do without. The responses included:

  • meeting payroll
  • their lead tech
  • the 20% of their customer base that bring in 80% of the revenue
  • Internet access
  • Fajita Fridays

With that new view of sleep, they are more willing to optimize their sleep by:

  • turning off electronics; lower the lights about an hour before bedtime
  • having a cup of Sleepytime tea, a light dose of melatonin, magnesium or CBD oil
  • making their bed an oasis of relaxation; warm, extremely comfortable and inviting
  • investing in cozy pajamas, nice linens and good pillows
  • avoiding serious discussions, social media or the news.

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