A large project looms. Some parts are enjoyable, other parts not so much. Just the thought of getting started strikes terror in the hearts of many.

The experts say, “Just break a project down into chunks.”  More terror! Why is that? I’ve discovered that some folks need a few micro steps, a “warm up” so to speak, BEFORE the chunking phase of project execution. Here are some micro steps to consider:

  • Ask yourself what does the outcome look like? If it’s a business plan you’re writing, what does a decent business plan look like? Glance at a few examples online; select a simple template. Perhaps it’s less daunting than you think.
  • What is the purpose of the business plan? Is the purpose meaningful enough to you? Is it a stepping-stone to realizing your dream?
  • What pen-to-paper micro step, and I mean really small step, can you take next? Over the next few days, for 10-15 minutes a pop, jot down a couple notes in some sections. Jump around between sections. No particular order or perfect grammar needed.

Now that you’re warmed up a bit and have some content, sketch out a reasonable timeline for completing parts of sections. Going micro before the chunking phase gets things moving and ramps up your motivation.

As a solopreneur, timely and fearless project execution is core. Get COREageous. Consider a two-hour CoreCoaching session to make your big task more approachable. Contact me at               

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