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If there’s a fire, you grab a fire extinguisher. If the sun is too bright, you put on sunglasses. If you’re out of sugar, you use honey. But, when you wake up in a bad mood, experience a loss or get discouraged, how do you get back on track and not waste the day?

If you fail to call on your psychological, physical or spiritual resources when problems arise, you may find yourself, figuratively, up a creek without a paddle.

In CoreCoaching, I ask clients to list their resources. Then I ask them to share the cues or events that trigger fear, wallowing and procrastination. We match a cue with a resource that best serves to reverse the unwanted behavior. (I discourage using a person as a resource because people, unlike our innate resources, are not always available.) Over time our resources may change or become richer. We refresh and review them often so they are at the ready. Here are some of my founders’ favorite and most effective go-to resources:

  • Peter, a recovering alcoholic, accesses the prayers his AA Mentor gave him.
  • Jenny, a single mom, pulls out pictures of her children and thinks about the lifestyle she wants for them.
  • Bruce studies Stoic philosophy and calls up a “perspective of objectivity” to prevent his thinking brain from being hijacked by his emotional brain.
  • Erica gets out of her chair and takes a brisk 5-10 minute walk outside and reflects on her company’s mission.

Today, take a few minutes to list your personal resources so you can access them when the goin’  get tough.

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