Are you Conflict Avoidant?

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In every martial arts class I took, my instructors always made clear: “Avoid a fight whenever possible. Don’t put yourself in bad situation where you have to fight. “

That is good advice for founders too! In certain situations, avoiding unnecessary conflicts can contribute to a positive and cooperative environment. However, when conflict avoidance delays decision-making, prevents the resolution of important issues or leads to suppressed tensions, it can jeopardize a startup.

Knowing this, COREageous founders need to identify and resolve issues with conflict avoidance early in the game. Do any of these roots of conflict avoidance resonate with you?

Fear of Confrontation: Some people may be afraid of direct confrontation and the potential negative emotions associated with it. They might fear rejection, criticism, or damage to relationships.

Prefer to Please:  People who value harmony and peace may avoid conflicts to maintain a positive and peaceful environment. They prioritize smooth relationships over addressing issues.

Low Self-Esteem: Individuals with low self-esteem may avoid conflict due to a fear of not being able to handle it well or feeling inadequate in dealing with disagreements.

Lack of Communication Skills: A person may avoid conflict if they feel they lack the necessary communication skills to express themselves effectively or to navigate disagreements successfully.

Cultural or Upbringing Influence: Cultural norms or upbringing can play a role in shaping one’s approach to conflict. In some cultures or families, avoiding conflict may be seen as a virtue.

Avoidance of Emotional Discomfort: Conflict often involves emotional discomfort, and some people may go to great lengths to avoid these uncomfortable feelings, choosing to keep the peace instead.

Past Negative Experiences: Previous negative experiences with conflict resolution, such as unresolved conflicts or negative consequences, can lead individuals to avoid similar situations in the future.

Lack of Assertiveness: People who struggle with assertiveness may find it challenging to express their needs, opinions, or concerns, leading them to avoid conflicts rather than confronting them.

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