Avoid the Lure of Gadgets, Apps & Gimmicks

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Clients often ask, “What app can I use to take notes, keep me accountable, calm me down, manage my time, help me be more productive, etc.?”  My answer is, “Yee gads dude! Stop with the GAGs!”  

Call me old-fashioned.  But you can also call me: practical, money and time-saving and efficient.  

Why surrender your brain to GAGs? Your head, heart and hand are quite capable using basic tools to achieve the same end. of You feel busy exploring different GAGs, learning the GAGs, and getting distracted by the ads and social media temptations that come with GAGs. Are you so dependent on your GAGs to be rendered impotent if your battery died or if you lost your phone? Folks, that’s scary.

(The only GAGs I recommend are those that serve as an alarm clock.)

Instead of relying on GAGs to get stuff done:

  • Write down your list of to-do’s on paper.
  • Highlight the priorities for the week.
  • Break down the steps to big tasks.
  • Schedule the tasks in your planner.
  • Keep an analog clock or an hourglass on your desk to see time passing
  • Cross out the DONE to-do’s and feel the love.
  • Choose the next priorities and repeat.

What did that cost you? 15 minutes?  A few cents for the paper and a pencil?  Writing things down gave you a plan, an intention, something tangible and distraction-free!   

Detoxify your use of GAGs. Get down the basics. Contact me at Rebecca@MindfulCommunication.com             

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