When I ask clients about ‘self-care,’ they will usually refer to diet and exercise. Some might even go as far as to add ‘sleep’ to the list.

But there is a big picture view of self-care worth considering.

Broaden your view of what it means to care for yourself mentally, physically and spiritually and consider these self-care enhancements:

  • Saying “No” to requests that are impractical and unreasonable.  It’s stressful to be a pleaser.
  • Setting boundaries for how much time and energy you give people. Without boundaries you sacrifice your need for rest and free time.
  • Delegating tasks to capable others. Lift the overwhelm by sharing the task load with others.
  • Being organized and in control of your schedule. Chaos raises blood pressure; a clear workspace helps calm you down and focus.
  • Knowing how to manage conflict.  Learn the basics of conflict management to reduce anxiety and get to problem solving mode.
  • Being kinder to yourself.  Instead of harsh self-talk, speak to yourself in the same way you’d speak to a good friend.
  • Making time for family, friends and yourself. Laughter, camaraderie or solitary time is restorative for the soul.

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