Marcia from Highland Park, Illinois writes: I started an online business for working mothers that’s requires work wherever I go. But, when I visit my parents, I’m also visiting their depression and their clutter. I’m significantly affected by their negativity. Back at the office, it takes me a few days to get my mojo back. I see my response to negativity as human, but it slows me down precisely when I need to speed up! Any tips?        

It’s  easy for our creative energy and optimism to get dampened by negativity around us: sadness, jealousy, anger, disparaging talk, neglect. The Debbie-downers among us may have some good reasons for their mental state. Most people want to be happy, but they don’t know how. Pep talks and denying their realities waste energy. To be kind to those in pain, to survive the rigors of entrepreneurship and to defend ourselves from negativity seeping into our mojo we, the COREageous, need to cultivate healthy defenses. These actions also serve to lift the spirits of those around us. Try to:
1) Get up early before everyone else, stir up the thoughts that drive you: your personal vision, your WHYs, gratitude or personal affirmations.

2) Work out for at least 15 minutes, something rigorous, preferably outside.

3) Give praise or a sincere compliment to those who are unhappy around you. Listen to connect with them over a meal without expectations for solving their problems.

4) Clean up your work space. What’s your plan for the day? How do you want to finish the day with a high degree of satisfaction? Turn on some upbeat music and rock the day!

Building a strong emotional core is the cornerstone of entrepreneurial success. Let me help you.Contact me at [email protected]

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