Mindful Minute Communication Newsletter January 2018

The Resonant Power of Words

Do you know what was behind the writing of The Beach Boys’ 1966 hit song Good Vibrations? The song’s origin is linked to Brian Wilson’s mother. She talked to him about vibrations—invisible forces that filled the air. She pointed out that dogs barked at some people and not others because they picked up “bad vibrations” from them. Messages carried by invisible currents spooked Brian into writing that song.

It’s fascinating to know that the rhythms in your spoken words are picked up and interpreted by the brains that hear them. Through language and non-verbal means we receive and transmit vibratory energy in the form of different frequencies.  This is why words, and the way they are spoken, affect you emotionally. When the content of the language is emotional, the vibratory energy is greater. For example, if you have a conversation with a Debbie Downer, you leave feeling low yourself. If your coach points out all you’re doing well, you’re pumped up. Therefore, it’s important to think first before you speak, to choose words and tone of voice that will have the most positive effect on the person listening.

You may recall the experiment in 2005 by Dr. Masaru Emoto in which he printed the word “love” on one glass of water, and “hate” on another glass of water. Using high-speed photography, he analyzed the structure of the water crystals in each glass. He found coherently organized crystal structures in the “love” glass of water, and incoherent disorganized crystal structures on the “hate” glass of water. Since humans are 90% water we absorb and reflect a wide range of frequencies through words.

To prove the energy of words on yourself, speak aloud these emotionally charged phrases and focus on how your body feels during and after you say them:

“I will have a great New Year.”

“I doubt if I’ll have a great New Year.”

“I won’t have a great New Year.”

Did you notice the different physical sensations these sentences produced? The inspiriting vs. the dispiriting statements generated different frequencies or vibrations in your body. The first sentence may have made you feel light and excited. The last two statements may have felt progressively heavier and constricted. Your speech can have dramatic effects on your mental health and motivation and for those on the receiving end. Knowing the power of your speech, knowing that your words are more than blips on a screen, will give you an extra edge in connecting more effectively with yourself and others.


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