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CoreFour Coaching was designed to meet the needs of bright and enterprising entrepreneurs.

Hello Ms. Shafir, I came across your coaching for entrepreneurs. I am 52 years old and have struggled a lifetime with executive function issues and ADHD of some kind. It was discovered when we were trying to figuring out my son’s severe school anxiety. Since age 30 I worked for an interior decorator, but recently I opened my own shop. I love this business and feel like I am capable of so much more. I need help with time management, procrastination, memory skills, note taking, pubic speaking and so much more. I have struggled a life time trying to figure out why I am so ambitious and want to do so much but can’t get out of my own way. It makes you feel like you’re stupid but you know you’re not. People treat you like you have special needs at times as a joke but it’s really not funny. I really want to be successful at my new business. I absolutely love it and I am in my own way!

Carol N.

St. Louis

Rebecca, I’m an owner of a restaurant with three locations. My partner just left the business and I’m now in charge of what I’m worst at – organization and communication with my staff. I’ve tried business coaches who get their knowledge from self-help books and don’t “get” people with attention problems. What a waste. I’m very capable in other areas, but it’s all on me for now. Can you help?

Nate J.


Hello Rebecca, I want to see if your core coaching can help me scale up my assistive living business. I have a couple really good mentors, but they can’t get me managing my time and building the structure I need to get more done. I put things off till the last minute and work late into the wee hours of the morning and I’m exhausted every day. I heard a podcast with you saying that you help founders progress faster by if they learn to work with their style instead of against it. I’m into change but drastic changes are overwhelming and then I fall back. The pressure is wearing on my marriage. I know I can fix this with the right help.

Ben S.


Hello Ms. Shafir: I’m an associate in a venture capitalist firm in the Midwest. We work with several startups at a time, and ever so often we engage founders who need coaching help. We have two entrepreneurs who are very scattered and difficult to work with. Their ideas are fabulous and we want to keep working with them but they need help with focus and communication. They are very bright with remarkable ideas and talents, yet we at the firm do not know how to help these founders. Your experience looks like the right fit for these folks.

Lois L.


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