I had to find a company to haul away my aging antique piano to make room for a new one. Founders, take note of this unique experience.

 I found Trash Can Willys junk removal online ( and called to arrange a pick up. Within 5 minutes they called back.

Grateful and enthusiastic for my call, they listened and were extremely accommodating in arranging for an in-person estimate.

Two very nice guys arrived on time, extremely courteous and well dressed.  Here’s the clincher: With no outward display of emotion, they could see that I was very concerned about trashing my beloved, but aging 100+ year old Chickering piano.  They assured me that they would move the piano with utmost care and put it back together for their thrift shop instead of junking it. I was thrilled to imagine that they might find a home for it. What trash collection company does that?

I wouldn’t expect that folks in that business would have an ounce of empathy for me and my piano.  They charged me a reasonable rate and were very conscientious about telling me how they planned to dismantle and move it safely. They offered to arrange a pick-up date to coincide with the delivery of the new piano, so I wouldn’t be without one for long. I was wowed.

Later than day, I referred Trash Can Willy’s to three friends and clients looking to downsize. They, too, were wowed.

The morale of this episode is to abide by the cluster of COREageous customer service greatness: enthusiasm, gratitude, courtesy, efficiency and caring.

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