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Who is Rebecca Shafir? Speech/language pathologist, author, voice and executive function coach

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What is unique about CoreCoaching?

Experience CoreCoaching, where transformation begins from within. My unique approach starts by focusing on your mental core: mastering emotional self-regulation, optimizing sleep, embracing exercise, and prioritizing self-care. These elements form the bedrock of your ability to implement and sustain new cognitive skills, strategies, and routines.

At CoreCoaching, we don’t believe in simply checking off a list of goals. Instead, we view your brain as a powerful network, capable of upgrading your performance to version 2.0—your optimal self ─ at work, at home and among your peers.

Through carefully selected, small, and consistent steps, we strategically drive change that ripples across multiple areas of improvement. Our approach is never overwhelming; it’s dynamic, time-saving, and remarkably effective. Unleash your true potential with CoreCoaching today.

What does it cost?

The inquiry conversation is complimentary.

The initial intake is $375 for the 90 minute session.

All subsequent sessions are $80 per 30 minutes/ $160 for 60 minute sessions.

Clients are billed at the end of the month.

Will I have to purchase extra materials?

I don’t sell any products, but I may recommend a couple affordable items or apps that you will find helpful.

How often do we meet and how?
 1-2 times a week or as needed by Zoom or phone. I do not offer in person sessions at this time.
How do you hold me accountable to stay on track towards my 2.0?
In between our weekly sessions there are text or email accountability check-ins. If a problem comes up or if a tweak in the plan is needed, we want to address it ASAP before our next session.
Is there homework?

No paperwork, just self-noting and reporting the results of our discussions. I may refer you to select sites or send you links to helpful content as needed.

What’s the difference between counseling therapy and coaching?

Psychotherapy focuses on deep seated emotional problems such as trauma, and childhood, marital, addiction, self-esteem issues.

 CoreCoaching targets the “logistics“ or the executive functions of life ─ getting things done, done well and on time. Oftentimes, success with “logistics” lifts hope and self-esteem and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. For best results, it is helpful to periodically communicate with a client’s therapist, but it is a client’s option.

How long will it take to reach my 2.0?

It varies from person to person. It depends what you bring to the sessions – your motivation for change, physical health and emotional status, ability to communicate, support system, many other factors. It is not a lengthy process like psychotherapy. It may take several weeks, but more likely, several months.

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