Before we get to my tip of the week, let me announce my new online course called “The Zen of Listening Hour.” I designed it for startups, established businesses and other organizations where survival depends on strong relationships and learning. I designed this short, time-saving course because many founders regard listening as one of their keys to success.

For example, I came across an interview with Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur and celebrity on the popular TV show Shark Tank.  According to Cuban, in his 20’s, he loved to talk and was a notorious interrupter during work meetings. As a result, his first job out of college didn’t last very long.

His mentor suggested that before a meeting he write the word “Listen” at the top of his notepad. Since then, the habit stuck. “No lie,” Cuban said, “if you go back over the last 40 years now that I’ve been going into meetings and taking notes, I write, ‘Listen,’ first thing.”

Cuban often says that learning through listening is one of the keys to his success. Cuban told Men’s Health in 2020, “I recognized that learning was truly a skill, and by continuing to learn, to this day, I’m able to compete and keep up and get ahead of most people.”

Mindful Listening is a key to your company’s success. “The Zen of Listening Hour” will transform the way your employees learn and connect with each other and with customers. For more details, go to

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