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Strengthen Your Professional CORE 
Building a strong physical core requires regular repetitions of core exercises. Similarly, developing your cognitive core—what I call your “core capital,” encompassing your ability to regulate emotions, focus, follow through, and communicate effectively—also demands consistent practice.

Consider these examples:

  • Jay W. from Wichita, KS: He does a set of 30 pushups every four hours.
  • Janelle S. from Winchester, MA: Training for the Chicago Marathon, she completes six hill reps five times a week to build leg strength and endurance.
  • Jesse from Elmhurst, IL: Focused on core strength for distance swimming, he performs six sets of seven barbell reps every other day.

What do these individuals have in common? They are all startup founders who use physical fitness challenges to help them improve their startup stamina. By committing to their physical exercises, they strengthen their resolve, pushing through discomfort and monotony to reach the next level. Each founder agrees that the discipline of physical core workouts translates into the repetitive actions necessary for their business growth, such as:

  • Daily cold calls
  • Weekly customer check-ins
  • Regular meditation
  • Posting on social media
  • Maintaining a healthy bedtime routine from Monday to Friday
  • Saying “no” to distractions when most vulnerable
  • Planning the next day’s activities

To make these actions more automatic, the key is frequency, not the duration of time spent on each task.

There are various ways to monitor your consistency with these reps. If you prefer a pen-to-paper approach, visit our Tools section, and print out the Streak Out Accountability Checklist. This tool helps you track your target behaviors and the small steps needed to ensure consistency.

For example, effective weekly customer check-ins might involve reviewing the status of a complaints or concerns beforehand, leading to more constructive conversations. Similarly, prepping your workout clothes the night before can increase your chances of making it to the gym on time.

The number of reps, assuming that you do one rep or a set of resp per day, to create a habit varies, typically ranging from 7 to 66 days.

Here are two of my favorite resources for building your core capital:

What areas in your life could benefit from more reps?

Need help identifying a high value behavior integral to your core capital and making it a habit? Learn more about my CoreCoaching approach at MindfulCommunication.com

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