End Procrastination with the 80→20 NOcrastination Tool

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Lifestyle

When Victor Hugo, the playwright, procrastinated and wanted to go out to a café instead of writing, he coaxed himself to get work done by having a servant take away all his clothes and return them only until he completed his work. A bit extreme, but it worked.

It’s tax season, time to get back to the gym, plus all the other things you may be putting off. Don’t fret, keep your shirt on! I have a better solution. Check out my 80→20 Nocrastination tool.

Go to my website www.MindfulCommunication.com and hit the TOOLS menu. Open the 80→20 Nocrastination Tool. No downloads, and it’s free!

The 80→ 20 tool will walk you through the steps to get started on the task you are putting off. My clients describe procrastination as an ever-widening deep, scary chasm between them and the start of the task. The gap is filled with potential obstacles: uncertainty, boredom, the fear of failure and the dreaded emotions that accompany them. The longer you put off a task the greater the gap.

The 80→20 gets you started, and gently guides you through each step towards DONE. The 8 questions (the 80%) gradually clear the obstacles making the task more approachable. The last 2 steps (the 20%) help you follow through to DONE. The process is easy and can move quickly. Every step narrows the gap and eases the stress.

Give the 80→ 20 a try. I would love your feedback!

Still stumped by procrastination? Seriously? Contact me at Rebecca@MindfulCommunication.com

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