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by | Aug 17, 2023 | Entrepreneurship

Finding the best location (your sweet spot) for getting work done is a MUST for many of my clients.

Julian, from, Chicago says, “I’m most focused and productive when I’m surrounded by focused and productive vibes.”  This is where a library, a bookstore cafe or a coffee shop with ample space for a laptop and a cappuccino work very well. Gina, from Miami, attributes her enhanced focus to “the brightly lit, positive and studious atmosphere at a local cafe.”

Dana, from Lansing, prefers tea and lattes, but is convinced that this communal focus paired with the smell of coffee offers a caffeine kick of its own. It makes me wonder how many startups start out in coffee shops?

No sweet spot is out of bounds, if it works for you. Three days a week, Alex from Boston works on the train to NYC, goes for a walk, has lunch, gets back on the next train and kicks in another couple hours of work. Talk about doin’ your own thing!

Despite some of the chatter that surrounds you in these contexts, there always seem to be a small, but regular group of very industrious-looking folks locked into their screens and typing away madly. Plant yourself near them. Most of these folks mean business and are disinterested in chatting. They appear to be oblivious to the bit of noise and movement. When queried, they claim it’s the only place they can get stuff done and where their creativity opens up.

For best results, plan the tasks you want to get done before going to your sweet spot if possible.  Avoid the after school bunch (2:30-4:30p.m.) where the noise and distraction often exceeds the threshold for productivity.

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