Happy New Year to the COREageous ones! Current and future entrepreneurs: Enjoy time with family and friends safely, get good rest and exercise. But whenever you have the chance to slip away from the festivities, do these things to keep your competitive spirit engaged:

  • Take the time to review 2020 on a business and personal level and ask yourself a few questions: How am I better this year? What goals did I achieve? How did I do that and how can I sustain those goals? If I did not achieve them, what (besides Covid) got in the way? What are the top three things I need to accomplish this year, and what is my process for doing so?
  • If you are a college student studying entrepreneurship, review the material from last semester. Identify any murky understanding of the material to prepare for next semester. Just as a shaky foundation limits what can be built upon it, a weak understanding of core concepts will prevent your ability to apply new knowledge. Then, get ahead and preview your next course content. How can I refine my process for study and time management to be more efficient this year?

You may notice how I emphasized process in this post. You have goals, but what is your process for achieving and maintaining these goals? Need help? My CoreFour and College Core Coaching teaches process. Contact me at [email protected]      

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