Returning from vacation and getting back into a work routine can be challenging. Here are some tried and true ideas that help you get back in the groove faster:

  1. Re-start your morning rituals –the familiar, seamless routines that set the tone for a productive work day; those that include exercise, meditation and making your bed, for example.
  2. Gradually get back into your sleep regimen. 15 minutes earlier to bed every couple days until you’re back to your normal bedtime.
  3. Sync up with people you see on a regular basis, at the gym, at the local coffee shop or at the office.
  4. Resume a healthy diet and reduce the use of alcohol, etc.
  5. When you sit down to plan your day, recall those revelations you had flying 30,000 feet over mountain and plain. Perhaps you resolved a vexing problem, re-aligned your priorities or made a decision on a relationship that was well overdue. Now back on earth, can you apply those revelations and make your life easier?
  6. Overwhelmed with the 200+ emails, the to-do lists, bills, and the work you planned to finish before vacation? Break it into smaller tasks. Crank up some tunes or a podcast, get some snacks and take a small, but consistent bite out of each task every day until you get back in your groove.

Having more trouble than usual getting back in the swing of things, getting started and following through? Contact me at [email protected] 

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