Let’s say that you need to finish a business plan in 6 weeks. Just the thought of it may be overwhelming, but it’s a necessary task within a reasonable amount of time. Unless you are highly pressured and super motivated to crank it out within days, I suggest you Go Micro.

Here’s how. Pick the smallest chunk of time you know you could muster to devote to the task every day. Is it 10 minutes? 15 minutes? One hour? The duration of time doesn’t matter; you want consistency, so keep it on the short side.

For this example, let’s assume that you could easily carve out a half hour every day to work on the business plan which has 6-8 sections. Take that first day (just a half hour) and skim each section. You might use that half hour to mark the easy sections and double checkmark the sections that will take some research. Stop after a half hour. If you want to go longer, fine.

The next day, again hold yourself to just another half hour to focus on one section that is easy to complete. If you want to go longer, go ahead. If you can manage just a half hour every day, that’s 3.5 hours of work in one week and possibly two sections, or a quarter of the plan,  completed! At that point, you may find that a half hour a day is just right; it is a pace you can sustain to easily meet the 6 week deadline, so stick with it. However, if you find a half hour a day to be too easy, add another 15 minutes to that half hour. Then, working at 45 minutes a day, you’ve got 5.25 more hours done by week’s end.

You can Go Micro with most any BHAG ( Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and make significant progress, often in less time than you imagined.

Not every task has an obvious step-by-step system for completion, and you may have many projects to complete simultaneously. You can still Go Micro, but you may need some coaching to get started. Happy to help − [email protected]     

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