The movie, G.I. Jane with Demi Moore, sparked my eagerness to learn about the Navy Seals and their training. How they prepare their minds and bodies for combat is beyond inspiring and has become core to my coaching practice.

Staring Down the Wolf, by Navy SEAL Mark Divine, is a must read for my COREageous entrepreneurs. Particularly in these uncertain and trying times, it takes COREage (your physical and mental strength) to persevere and succeed in spite of obstacles. Here are a few tips from Divine’s book to entice you to get the book and read more:

Combat fear.  Use Box Breathing as a way to calm your mind, reduce stress hormones and sharpen your focus. Divine begins his day with 20 minutes of Box Breathing. 5 repetitions is a good start. Slowly inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 4-5 seconds and exhale through your nose for 4-5 seconds. After my workout I stand in front of a mirror with a strong posture and Box Breathe for 5 minutes. It fortifies my intentions for the day.

Visualize the outcome. If you are a current or former client of mine, you know the emphasis I put on visualizing your optimal self — our target. More expedient than hacking away at disparate and overwhelming goals, visualization trains your neurobiology to change towards our target. It may be deterring distraction, following through, staying organized, etc. Divine reports profound outcomes with visualization. “Visualization exerts a strong gravitational pull. Picturing a bright post-Covid future in your mind’s eye will turn it into a destiny instead of a wish.”

Focus on your priorities for the day. Divine uses “front-sight focus,” a fundamental shooting tactic perfected in SEAL training as a metaphor for tackling only the high priority tasks for the day. In CoreCoaching, it means having strict prioritization criteria for deciding what and how you’re going to execute the most crucial tasks for the day.

These tactics, if practiced daily, will kick up your motivation and help you break through the self-imposed limits to achieve your vision. 

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