At some point in your life, you’ll need to set aside time to manage a health concern or a crisis. It may be for you, a family member or a close friend. Either way, it will interrupt the flow of your venture, so it’s good to be on the ready. My lapse in posting much this summer was due to my father’s failing condition over the last several weeks and his eventual passing at age 94.

Son of an immigrant and a WW2 vet, my father Paul was an insatiable entrepreneur who loved his country and inspired me to help others succeed. He taught me to plan ahead, prepare for obstacles in advance and build a team you can depend upon to lead the ship. So typical of his entrepreneur spirit, on a cloudy day he would see a spot of blue and call it a sunny day, or at least a bright day! Upon reports of a disgruntled or challenging employee, he’d remark, “Work it out. It takes all kinds of people to build a company!”

The bottom line: Have a plan for obstacles, look for the sun, find a way to keep good people and get along. Thank you, Dad, for the advice. I’ll pass it along.

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