When I ask clients to create a vision of their optimal self (i.e., when they won’t need coaching anymore), we discuss how they will manage a wide range of distractions. For the minor, chronic distractions, clients may declare “No technology in the bedroom. I’ll be using an old-fashioned alarm clock instead.” “I’ll clean up my office at the end of every day.” Good solutions for the minor distractions.

Then I ask, how will you deal with the major distractions; the ones that tug at your emotional stability and hijack your thinking brain?  The ones for which you have little control: pandemics, major shortages of all kinds, political insanity and threats of nuclear war?

All kinds of distraction share some degree of “comfort.” Or we justify a distraction as more “important” than what we should be doing. It’s more comfortable to watch TV instead of doing your taxes. It feels more important, in a weird way, to scroll footage of the war’s devastation than to do marketing research or see what your competition is up to.

I’m sure I sound cold-hearted to some readers, but folks, you know what you’re doing. Fretting or allowing yourself to be consumed by major distractions will exact a huge toll on you and your enterprise. Certainly, stay informed. Problem solve if these major distractions pose a threat to your business. But avoid falling into the comfort trap or assigning importance to events that diminish your priorities.

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