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As a clinical speech/language pathologist for over 30 years, I understand health care and the high standards of care we want to deliver to our patients.

CoreCoaching for Hospitals and Medical Practices

How healthy is your organization? The stability and success of an organization depends upon five core elements:

  1. TRUST
  2. Constructive CONFLICT
  5. Focus on RESULTS

The quality of patient care depends on the strength and unity of your team. By improving the health of your team through better communication and collaboration, the better your patient outcomes will be.

Symptoms of a dysfunctional team:

  • Gossip and drama
  • Lack of or inconsistent performance standards
  • Confusion and lack of clarity
  • Lack of staff participation and input
  • Unproductive meetings
  • Weak leadership
  • Unhappy and fearful staff

If any of these symptoms have gone viral in your practice or organization, let’s get to the core and find a cure. Contact me and let’s have a conversation about CoreCoaching for your hospital or medical practice.    


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