Once you’ve hired your “A” team members, how can you keep them engaged and working to their full potential? Even if benefits and raises were available, they can’t be the solution.

As one VC told me, “There are many factors that contribute to an employee’s desire to work to their potential…the mindset they bring to the startup is one thing. The rest is up to the founder.”

According to an industry-wide SHRM survey of 14,500 workers in 2017, only 15% of workers claimed to be working to their potential on a regular basis. The survey found that employees work to their full potential when:

  • they are clear about expectations.
  • they feel safe asking questions.
  • they are not overwhelmed with rules and unproductive meetings.
  • their suggestions are taken seriously
  • there are rewards and recognition for jobs well done.
  • supervisors demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence.
  • they see purpose and meaning in their work.

At your next meeting, get some feedback from your team on each point. See how you can ignite greater motivation and commitment by doing your part.

Notice how all those factors are related to communication? Need help? Contact me at [email protected]



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