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Let’s get to the core of problems with motivation. There are lots of reasons to explore. Before you go and waste money on free lunches and bungee-jumping retreats, take a few minutes to see what lies behind your team’s sluggish behavior. There may be reasons that are not so obvious:

  • Are job expectations clear ( task process, quality, cooperation, deadlines)? See if they can tell you straight up what you expect. There is likely some confusion there.
  • Do they understand why their job is important? Show them how their part is essential to the mission and the company goals.   
  • Are you late in delivering performance reviews? It’s not only the raise they hope for, but it’s the kudos and the inspiration for improvement they crave. Employees feel jilted and de-valued if reviews are late. Review time gives them a chance to be heard and recognized one on one.
  • Are they a good fit for their position? Have they the right skills, tenacity and personality  for the job they are paid to perform? 
  • Is there any uncertainty about their job security or  the company’s goals, aside from the usual uncertainty associated with starting a new business? Mixed messages or no communication from the founders stunts follow through and drains enthusiasm.    
  • Have there been any big changes in personnel that have affected morale? Removing a player who was toxic to you but a mentor to one or more of your employees will take time to get over.     
  • Do they have the resources to do their jobs well?  I don’t mean fancy software or private offices. I mean opportunities for job training or short workshops on topics about personal growth?

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