The COREageous need to be good conversational partners in person and online. Since we are having more online conversations, make note of these suggestions to present your best self:
1) Look straight at the camera, not yourself, when speaking to your conversational partner. Once that camera is on, it’s too late to primp. Check your hair, teeth and makeup before getting online.
2) Be sure your background communicates “professional and successful.” Mark Cuban has his back to walls of solid mahogany. Other experts have their online conversations in their libraries in front of orderly shelves of books. Think of the perception you want to share with the world. Your background speaks volumes about you.
3) Eliminate any sources of noise or other visuals that could interrupt the conversation or serve as a source of distraction.
4) Occasionally, lean in to the camera a few inches to show interest, but not too close. The rule of thumb is to be an arm’s length from your screen most of the time.
5) Keep your hands away from the camera and use gestures sparingly. Your hands will look proportionately huge if they are in front of you and visible to the camera.

Spruce up your online appearances with customers or investors. A little practice with an experienced coach can enhance the way people perceive you. Contact me at [email protected] 

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