Optimize Your Performance When ADHD Medication Run Low

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Lifestyle

Many of my COREageous clients are diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and/or depression. They rely on medications to facilitate their work performance to allow their strengths to flourish. But now, there is a shortage of Ritalin and Adderall due to supply chain issues, increased demand and regulatory issues.

Here are several ways to manage the symptoms related to focus, follow through and mood changes. These steps can help compensate in the absence of medication and, in many cases, enhance your performance even when the medications become available.

  • Start or increase the frequency of your exercise
  • Optimize your sleep quality and quantity
  • Delegate tasks to those who are capable of following through
  • Ask for assistance with tasks that normally you did independently
  • Learn to say “No, not now” to the lower priority tasks
  • Use alarms and analog clocks to keep you on time
  • A cup of coffee 200mg (or mgs allowed by your doctor) alone or followed by a 20 minute nap.

Because the medication shortage is so unpredictable, consider coaching to habituate these skills and routines and enhance your executive functioning. Contact me at Rebecca@MindfulCommunication.com

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