It’s a given. As an entrepreneur, you accept the fact that you may go many weeks, months and years to experience a success. However, the patience and resilience required to stay upbeat, while it appears that everyone else is “killin’ it” on Facebook, can take a toll on your well-being. Research shows that the age-old adage “success breeds success” is real. I suggest you stoke the fires of optimism, confidence and motivation in your startup by incorporating successes into your life unrelated to work.

Dr. Michael A. Freeman, psychiatrist and entrepreneur, researches entrepreneurship and mental health and advises founders: “Build a life centered on the belief that self-worth is not the same as net worth. Other dimensions of your life should be part of your identity.”

Whether you’re a parent, a volunteer in your community, a musician, or a mountain climber on weekends, it’s important to feel successful in other areas of your life. No matter what your endeavor, create a plan for achieving a personal best. Your goal should be reasonable enough to make the chance of success high, and it should be just beyond your comfort zone to feel the rush of a challenge met.

Another option is to create success for others. If you are crunched for time, find an afternoon once a month to help a struggling student in math, or offer mentoring to a young entrepreneur club in your area. Sharing victories can be just as perpetuating.

Racking up successes outside of work can reinforce an upward spiral of winning at work.

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