As you cobble together your team, get them up to speed and begin to talk to customers and supporters, be sure you have a one minute story about your startup. You may not need funding right now, but you do need to generate enthusiasm for your product or service. If you’re not particularly good at creating  stories, use answers to the following questions to create juicy content:

  • What events, observations or inspiration led to your idea?
  • At what point did you know when you had a marketable product or service?
  • What obstacles did you encounter and surmount in getting your company moving?
  • What struggles did you overcome to get to this point?

Answers to these questions offer surprise and resilience, the story elements that engage employees, customers and potential investors.

Melissa Lynne Murphy from the University of Texas looked at crowd-funding campaigns. She found that the more favorable pitches contained stories that improved the founder’s credibility, business legitimacy and funding success. Therefore, while the origin of your venture is still fresh, compose your story and share it often.

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