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The Zen of Listening Reviews

The best thing I learned from our core work together was how to listen mindfully. It has been the game changer in my business and relationships. I recommend The Zen of Listening to my friends and co-workers. Now if I can get my husband to listen better….!   Sarah J. Lynn, MA

The Zen of Listening Reviews

I’m on my second time around reading of The Zen of Listening. I feel it’s my private workshop and I read it ever so slowly and wince every time you describe one of my distancing techniques. I’m giving a copy to my best friend so we can discuss it. I plan to read it over and over again until I can feel your advice pulsating through my veins! I’m 76, by the way, and have been trying to listen mindfully and lovingly for 40 years! With love and prayers. Aggie M.

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

The ability to listen clearly is what enables us to find our true self and help others. Rebecca Shafir points directly to this fundamental skill, with step-by-step teachings used in the Zen tradition for centuries. Don’t just “read” this remarkable book; use it as a guide and practice its teachings in your everyday life.

Jane McLaughlin-Dobisz
Zen Master and editor of The Whole World is a Single Flower

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

Clear, well-written, and thoughtful, The Zen of Listening does more than just address the importance of listening; it teaches us how to listen by providing practical direction and useful suggestions. In an age of distraction, bias and rampant disrespect, mindful listening can enhance our personal and professional relationships and return us to full, active, and conscious participation in our own lives. In this wonderful book, Rebecca Shafir teaches us that mindful listening, while demonstrating respect for others, will lead to more satisfaction and fulfillment. It will help us regain control and be present in every moment. It is not just to be read once and put aside. Its lessons should be applied constantly every day – regardless of your profession or personal beliefs. Salvatore Ricciardone, Esq Executive Director of the Flaschner Judicial Institute, Boston

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

Rebecca Shafir takes us to the heart of relationships and shows us the power of authentic listening – not only to others, but to our own inner self. Robert Gerzon Psychotherapist and author of Finding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

Rebecca Shafir takes her readers by the hand, showing us how to be mindful listeners and inspiring us through the process of calming the mind, opening the heart, and hearing – often for the first time – what our family, friends, and colleagues are saying to us. She teaches us to listen to ourselves as well as to others – to our inner dreams of yearnings and to the wisdom and beauty that are always around us, when we silence the voice in the back of our head and begin to hear. If you haven’t yet read this unique and powerful book, buy it today. It is practical as well as profound; it will change your life. Barbara R. Blakeslee Trainer and consultant; President of the Blakeslee Group, Inc.

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

The Zen of Listening awakens us to the potential for intimacy, compassion, and growth inherent in all of our most important relationships.
Douglas Stone Coauthor of the best-selling Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

In The Zen of Listening, Rebecca Shafir explores how traditional mindfulness practices can help us to communicate with more clarity, depth, and meaning. Ultimately, we discover that mindful communication is a doorway to our own selves, and that our communication is enhanced when we become closer to our own basic nature. When we bring our full awareness and an open heart to our lives, we cannot help but communicate more genuinely. If this message were heard and practiced more widely, it would not just change our communication; it would change our culture and our way of life in critically important ways. Michael J. Baime, M.D. Director of the Penn Program for Stress Management

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

People’s true thoughts and emotions are found in the subtleties of their communication, and Rebecca helps us hear these whispers. Well done! William Morrisette Chief Executive Officer of Intuition, Inc.

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

By listening we drink in our world. To the extent that this innate ability is compromised, however, we become more or less alone, adrift in a sea of distraction and splintered attention, unable to know ourselves or others in our local or cosmic contexts. Rebecca Shafir has written a book about listening that makes clear what is at stake as our world becomes ever more cluttered. And most importantly, she shows us how to open to a quality of listening that enhances our lives and the lives of those we touch with an open and caring presence. It’s hard to imagine a greater contribution than that. Steven Keeva Author of Transforming Practices: Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

Written by a master of communication as well as a kind and sensitive human being, this innovative, original book will help all who read it, from business people to families and couples, from teachers who want to improve their work to spiritual leaders who seek to find the meaning in silence. It is a superb book – timely, practical, and profound! Edward Hallowell, MD Author of Driven to Distraction and Connect

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

Truly listen and the world will reveal itself in all its splendor. The Zen of Listening will inspire and guide you to listen in a centered and mindful way. It is one of the greatest gifts we can give others and ourselves. Thomas Crum Author of The Magic of Conflict

The Zen of Listening Audio Reviews

From my personal experience as a parent and physician, I know how vital listening is. This book helps people find their solutions and way through life. Bernie Siegel, MD Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles and Prescriptions for Livin

The Zen of Listening

Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction

This award-winning book, gives readers simple, authentic and reliable ways to connect more efficiently with people and information.

The mindful listening method utilizes more brain power, thus improving:

  • concentration
  • memory
  • focus
  • the ability to capture more than just the spoken word.

It provides readers with a solid foundation for listening needed to deal with today’s communication challenges – difficult people, information overload and reduced attention spans.

The Zen of Listening was first place winner of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award in 2000 and has been translated into Spanish, German and Turkish.

Join the legions of readers worldwide who have experienced the life-changing experiences that come from mindful listening.

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The Zen of Listening Audio Version also available

Mindful listening is a most powerful way to connect with people and information. Its influence can be viral, health-promoting and life-changing. And best of all, just by making a few tweaks in the way you listen to another person you can turn around a sour relationship, negotiate more effectively and build cooperation.

When mindfulness is infused into the process of communication, a listener can:

  • process more of the message – verbal and non-verbal
  • sustain attention over time
  • make a speaker feel valued and respected
  • listen better to oneself
  • listen under stressful conditions

Listen to the audio version and learn ways to process and retain spoken information more efficiently.

Speaking with Power and Persuasion

In Speaking with Power and Persuasion, I give you the tools to engage in meaningful communication with easy to learn steps. Whether you are a self-promoter, salesperson, educator, political candidate, business leader, or student learning English as a second language, Speaking with Power and Persuasion, explains:

  • how the body and voice work together to produce a strong vocal image;
  • tips for taking the stress out of speaking situations;
  • eradicate habits, like nasality, hoarseness, or a monotone;
  • ways to communicate certainty, approachability, and animation when you speak;
  • speech and vocal techniques that help you sound knowlegable, credible, and trustworthy;
  • how to practice the techniques that dramatically improve receptiveness to your ideas;
  • ways for a person with learning differences or disabilities to communicate more effectively;
  • how families with a learning disabled child can communicate to manage stress and help their child succeed;
  • what the ESL speaker can do to reduce a strong accent and connect better with native English speakers;

The techniques I teach are precise, practical, and sustainable. You learn what to do, how often to practice, and exactly why the exercises improve the impression you make on others.

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