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For more information about Rebecca’s talks and services, contact Rebecca, call her at 978 255 1817 or at The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health 978 287 0810.

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Who is Rebecca Shafir?

Speech/language pathologist, author, voice and executive function coach, Rebecca Shafir, has over 30 years experience working with students and professionals to improve well-being, personal productivity and communication.

Rebecca’s special area of expertise is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & EXECUTIVE FUNCTION*.
Her programs include CORE Four Coaching for entrepreneurs and other self-starters. She offers EARS (Emergency Academic Recovery System) for students with ADHD and executive dysfunction in middle school through sophomore year in high school. College CORE Coaching is for college students and for those preparing for college in their junior and senior year of high school with similar academic and personal challenges.


  • Indiana University School of Music – Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance
    Rebecca toured the country performing in all major cities including at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
  • Indiana University – Master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology
  • Indianapolis Medical Center – Internship in Speech/Language Pathology


  • Lahey Clinic Medical Center – Chief of Speech/Language Pathology for 15 years
  • Hallowell Center (Boston MetroWest) for Cognitive and Emotional Health, Sudbury, MA – Coordinator of the Integrative/Alternative Clinical Services division serving clients with ADHD, anxiety and executive dysfunction*
  • Mindful Communication – Rebecca’s private coaching practice, West Newbury, MA.

Rebecca utilizes her extensive theater and opera experience coaching presentation skills for business professionals/entrepreneurs/sales people. She consults to companies on topics related to brain health, attention disorders, cognitive efficiency, listening and leadership.


An award-winning book “The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction” is in its eighth printing with the Audio Book NOW AVAILABLE. It has sparked articles about her in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Readers Digest, Real Simple and many other popular publications, as well as hundreds of radio/TV interviews including on NPR, Bloomberg Business, CNN and Fox News.

Rebecca’s next book is called “The COREageous Entrepreneur: Four Core Skills and Routines Every Founder Needs to Succeed.”

She has developed two instructional CDs: “Speaking with Power and Persuasion” and “The Listener’s Edge.”

Rebecca is also a contributing author in “Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship.”

The COREageous Entrepreneur Blog – Rebecca’s blog for entrepreneurs and other self starters.

Rebecca Shafir Core FourMonthly online newsletter called the Mindful Communication Minute.

Rebecca’s clinical experience in brain health and communication paired with her passion for entrepreneurship will provide readers with her time-tested solutions to the underlying causes of start-up failure.




Rebecca has a Black Belt in Chinese and Korean martial arts and is a former fitness and martial arts instructor. She is a Masters Swimmer and cyclist. She is a voracious reader and practices classical piano and the culinary arts.

 *Executive functions include the ability to inhibit impulsive behaviors, shift and transition easily between tasks, control emotions, self-monitor behavior, initiate tasks, working memory, plan and organize − skills needed for academic success and the workplace.[/builder_content]

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