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Rebecca Shafir, M.A. CCC

Speech/language pathologist, author, executive function – ADHD coach.

My CoreCoaching manifesto: Having a vision of your optimal self, your 2.0 is the first step to self change. Whoever your ideals or your models – leaders, heroes, champions or peers – it is because you share those traits, however unrealized at the moment. When you create a vision of YOU 2.0 in your mind and on paper, make a plan for change and stick to the process even in small ways, you are taking steps toward reinforcing the identity of the person you want to become. Ultimately, you get to the point where you’re no longer pursuing behavior change. You are just acting in alignment with your optimal self, your 2.0. CoreCoaching guides you, gives you the tools and hold you accountable to achieving your vision.       

I have over 30 years experience working with students and business professionals to improve well-being, personal productivity and communication. My programs include Executive Function Coaching for adults, CoreFour Coaching for entrepreneurs and other adult self-starters with ADHD or executive functioning concerns. I offer CollegeCoreCoaching for college students with similar academic and personal challenges.


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