As I write this post today, I’m waiting to hear back from a company who sought me out (and others apparently) for a large project. Fortunately, at this point in my career, I have a few irons in the fire, so if this one doesn’t come through it won’t matter much.

Nevertheless, for every interesting opportunity that comes my way I, like my entrepreneur comrades, will dig deep and spend days researching and writing up extensive proposals. We sacrifice sleep and family time to prepare a great  presentation. Sometimes it pays off in a grand way, but often times it doesn’t.

When rejection befalls us we sulk for a bit, feel drained, think about what we learned from that experience and how we’d play it differently. Yet, when the next opportunity arises, almost reflexively, we re-ignite the fire and jump into action with the same grit and gusto. That’s just what entrepreneurs do.

What I find interesting, is the seemingly endless mental and physical energy reserve we have. It’s a marvel of the human brain and spirit to keep dipping into that reserve again and again until the win. Does this reserve replenish on its own? Or are there things we should do to replenish that capacity lest it run dry? Here are 5 ways to keep your mental and physical reserve capacity filled to the brim and accessible when opportunity knocks:

1. Regularly engage in activities or hobbies where you repeatedly and consistently experience success.
2. Make every rejection a learning experience. Try to get feedback from the decision-makers. Or sit down with a mentor to go over your material to identify weak points.
3. Maximize your focus and attention skills as missing details, assumptions, misspeaks or a lack of clarification are often the culprits behind rejection.
4. Be sure your sleep and exercise regimens are optimal. They are the engines behind our mood, resilience and physical endurance.
5. As you evolve as an entrepreneur, know when to say “no” to an opportunity where the ROI is minimal. Save “yes” for the truly exciting opportunities where the payoff is great either as a win or as a significant learning experience.

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