‘Self-care’ means different things to different people. Glen is a 62-year-old whirlwind of a founder. His family and doctor are always telling him to balance his life with more self-care, e.g., meditation, more sleep, and daily exercise. What they don’t understand is that entrepreneurs are often short on traditional self-care. Glen is in good health and enjoys being with his family, but has chosen his own path to self-care.

His version of self-care includes the basics (just enough sleep, good nutrition and movement) along with a series of activities that give him purpose, energy and great joy.  Aside from being CEO of a small, but very successful software company, his self-care plan includes: singing in the community choir, chairing the town’s finance committee, coaching high school soccer, mentoring a young entrepreneur program at the local college and studying classical piano.

Glen recalls how he almost lost his mind when his family booked a surprise cruise to the Bahamas a few years ago. He confessed, “It’s just not my way of relaxing. Yes, I juggle a lot of things, but that’s because I know how to delegate and schedule myself correctly. My version of self-care works for me and for others with my kind of brain. Go meditate on that!”

You go Glen!

Founders on the entrepreneur roller coaster need a self-care regimen that is healthy AND satisfying. CoreCoaching can help you find your kind of balance. Contact me at [email protected]       

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