Emotional self-regulation is an essential core skill for a founder. When challenges mount up, vulnerabilities are unveiled that could sabotage your ability to make good decisions, listen mindfully and get back on track.

For the sake of your startup, know the options for  managing your emotions. Here are three routes to consider:

Feeling stressed, tired and aggravated a lot more lately? Is this is a problem you can solve yourself?  Are you taking time to relax and re-center yourself? Are you getting good quality sleep and exercise? Can you identify the root of your distress and make the needed adjustments?

Perhaps your anxiety and low mood are due to weaknesses in your executive functioning, communication or leadership skills?  Coaching can help. However, a good coach knows when a client needs more than coaching and will direct you to more appropriate services.

Emotional problems stemming from chronic depression, mood swings, insomnia, trauma and dysfunctional relationships are best treated with therapy with or without medication. If you neglect self-care or are drawn to addictive behaviors, these are also good reasons to seek a psychologist or mental health professional as soon as possible.

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