Happy Holidays to All!   As we, the COREageous, prepare for 2022, let’s deter the scourge of many a startup – a founder’s unfounded self-doubt. Here are four ways to show self-doubt the door:

  • Give yourself a fair fight. Think of situations in which you were successful and what behaviors led up to that success. Can what worked before work for you now? Perhaps you prepared well? Made good use of feedback? Accepted help? Pure luck goes just so far.
  • Not all self-doubt is unwelcome. Are there factual concerns behind your self-doubt? If so, write them down as boxes to check or gaps to fill. Self-doubt thrives on assumptions and irrational fears. If you can check those boxes and fill the gaps, self-doubt will have little reason to linger.
  • Re-energize your purpose or mission for taking on this project. Who will it serve? How will you and others benefit?
  • Imagine yourself as just the opposite of a self-doubter – confident, objective, fearless, standing up straight and getting to work. You’d hunker down and start planning, identifying and overcoming the obstacles. You’d welcome criticism and work with it, resulting in a feeling of great satisfaction at day’s end.

Get COREageous in 2022! Your ability to manage self-doubt is core to your success. Need help? Contact me at [email protected]

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