Speak Aloud What Makes You Anxious

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To be truly COREageous is to have healthy exit strategies for your anxiety.

Many of my clients tend not to have many people they can openly express worry or disappointments – especially about their business challenges. It’s like Voldemort (Harry Potter’s nemesis)!

They may contain their anxiety, not for a lack of supportive listeners, but because they want to protect close friends and family members from worrying about the business and making matters worse.

In coaching we do this, but if you don’t have a coach, be the coach of you and speak the problem aloud to yourself.  Name it. Define it. Go for a walk in an empty field or hit the beach and TALK IT OUT. You can be straight up with nature.

Dissect the big problem into smaller pieces. Cut it down to size. You may find a solution. It’s still unpleasant, but it’s more manageable and less hopeless. What steps can you take to rectify the problem? 

You’ve gone from feeling frightened and weak to being capable and strong.

Listening to yourself is only one aspect of a mindful listener. Want to learn more? Contact me at Rebecca@MindfulCommunication.com

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