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Speaking Topics include but are not limited to the following:

The COREageous Entrepreneur: Four Core Skills and Routines Every Founder Needs to Succeed

Popular TV shows like Shark Tank and The Profit inspire millions of self-starters to seek fulfillment and financial independence through entrepreneurship. Exuberance is high, but so are the failure rates. Through research, I have found that apart from “running out of cash”, new business failure begins and ends with the behaviors of the founder: unmanaged stress, impulsivity, procrastination and poor communication.

Passion, expertise and courage are often not enough to start and sustain a new business. It takes CORE. Like the core muscles that stabilize your body, you need a sturdy set of four core skills and routines to endure the rigors of entrepreneurship: emotional control, focus and follow through, communication competence and Shark (investor) readiness.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to learn what is takes to succeed?

Join me, and  let’s get COREageous.


Speaking with Power and Persuasion: Voice Coaching for Business Professionals

Your voice speaks volumes about you. More than what you have to say, the essence of trust, motivation, persuasion and passion are carried by the sound of your voice, the clarity of your speech and how you move. Within 8 seconds, these aspects will determine whether your prospect will or will not remain engaged.

I will teach you or your group the winning techniques used by political candidates, radio/TV personalities and the top sales pros in the country. 

Key Take Aways

  • which mental and physical exercises to use to best reveal yourbest vocal image
  • what verbal and non-verbal dynamics best augment your style and personality and which to do away with
  • Specific ways to practice these techniques and how burn them into muscle memory
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