Having a tough time making a new habit? Don’t freak out. Instead, STREAK OUT!

I needed to add a short, but very beneficial segment to my daily workouts. For this segment of exercises to be effective, I had to start making it a habit.

I use a paper calendar to track my habit formation. When I complete that exercise segment, I mark a big red check mark on that day. My goal is to have an unbroken streak of checks across each week for the next 59 days (started 7 days ago). Since a 2009 study from University College London showed that it takes 66 days to establish a habit, I expect this segment of my work out to be a habit by June 20!

Jerry Seinfeld is famous for his streak-ability. To get into the habit of writing, he put a big, red X on a wall calendar every day he wrote something. The streak of Xs across the page motivated him to be consistent.  Apps like Duolingo and Nike Running have been using streaks for years to keep up users’  language-learning or running habits.

If you prefer an app to keep track of your progress towards a new habit check out these links: everyday | Habit tracker to help you form good habits or Habitica – Gamify Your Life.

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