Your team plays an integral role in your success. Research shows that a weak or dysfunctional team can deflate a startup. Patrick Lencioni, founder and president of The Table Group, is one of my favorite leadership gurus. When building a team or keeping your team in check, Lencioni suggests you look for three virtues:

Humility, not to be confused with  insecurity or lacking confidence in one’s skills or ability to contribute, is the virtue of putting the team’s interest ahead of their own. Humble players support and encourage their peers. They may go beyond their job description to help another team member in a pinch as it benefits the organization.

Hunger is the desire to work hard and get things done and done well for the good of the enterprise.

Smarts, as Lencioni describes, is less about IQ and more about EI − a team player’s emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills.

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