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One of the greatest challenges for a startup is following up with leads. Cold calling and follow up is challenging in terms of time, “sales etiquette” confusion and your tolerance for rejection. According to research by National Sales Executive Association (NSEA), it is unrealistic to think that a few discussions with potential customers will help you meet your quotas. The tipping point is the fifth contact!  Here are the numbers:

  • 2% of Sales are Made on First Contact
  • 3% of Sales are Made on Second Contact
  • 5% of Sales are Made on Third Contact
  • 10% of Sales are Made on Fourth Contact
  • 80% of Sales are Made on Fifth to Twelfth Contacts

Discuss with your team creative ways to vary the kinds of interactions you have past the fourth attempt. Each contact should entice a customer with value, making it easier for you and your team to reach and exceed the tipping point.

Do you need to stretch the boundaries of sales etiquette or conquer the fear of rejection that keeps your sales numbers down? Let’s ‘follow up’ on that! Contact me at [email protected]         

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