The Zen of Listening Hour
with Rebecca Shafir

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The Zen of Listening Hour Reviews

We wish to thank you for your fantastic Zoom session!  The time flew by as you enlightened us on the value of mindful listening in everyday life, and how it can be applied in realistic ways.  Thank you for sharing your openhearted, positive energy with our team!

Crystal Weiss/Administrative Assistant 
Vancouver Canada

The Zen of Listening Hour Reviews

Your ZOL hour was a jam packed hour of practical strategies for listening better to each other and most importantly to our customers. We had some “challenging” clients already this week and your movie mindset worked like a charm. You inspired teamwork and our clients notice already! Thank you.    

 Michelle Denning/VP Marketing
Chicago, Illinois

The Zen of Listening Hour Reviews

Your session nailed it! Listening has been the missing ingredient in our communication play book. Great stuff we can use at the office and at home! Loved the team building element – so important.  We recorded “The Zen of Listening Hour.” and it’s mandatory for all new hires. Excellent and thorough presentation. 

Mitch Matthews/Director of Sales
Tampa, Florida

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Mindful Listening for Better Business

The Zen of Listening Hour is a 60 minute live Zoom presentation by Rebecca Shafir, the author of the book “The Zen of Listening.” The hour session is customized to the communication needs of your organization.

In just an hour, participants will gain valuable insight into the power of mindful listening and acquire practical and easy-to-apply solutions to implement for immediate results.

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How can my team benefit from Mindful Listening?

Mindful listening is…

  • a very powerful skill for building relationships at work and at home. It is a core aspect of emotional intelligence.
  • the antidote to many of the most common problems that deter growth and profitability: lack of trust, misalignment of priorities, unhealthy conflict, low retention rates, customer dissatisfaction and poor accountability.
  • Listening 2.0. It is far more effective and authentic than the effortful “act-like-you’re-listening” methods taught in business classes.

       “Zen” simply refers to being present and focused.


The Speaker’s Background: 

Rebecca Shafir is an author, a speech/language pathologist, a Boston-based communication consultant and an executive functioning coach. She has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows nationwide and in Canada. Her advice has been sought by the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other major publications.

She is the author of the best-selling and award-winning book, “The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction” and other publications. Rebecca is the founder of Mindful Communication and coaches entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses. Visit her blog “The COREageous Entrepreneur” for great tips for entrepreneurial success.

Objectives for The Zen of Listening Hour

Participants will:

  • assess their listening skills by taking the Listening Skills Pre-test in advance of the session.
  • know the four characteristics of a mindful listener and the benefits that come from it.
  • identify the personal barriers that arise when listening to others, and become aware of the barriers others may have toward us.
  • learn a simple way to shift to the mindful listening mindset.
  • avoid “the listening stoppers” that RAID a conversation.
  • learn how to make “difficult” people less difficult.
  • finish with an action plan for applying the mindset for listening.

How to schedule The Zen of Listening Hour:

  1. Set up an inquiry call. Call (781 864 0180) or email me
  2. Customizing The Zen of Listening Hour  for your organization. A month prior to the event, a 30-minute confidential discussion with the leadership team or team members will determine the focus of the content. The session date is scheduled.
  3. Self Assessment A week before the session, participants will complete the Listening Skills Self-Assessment. Results are kept private and will not be shared. Its purpose is to give each participant an understanding of how they are listening now and how they can improve.
  4. Zoom Invite and Handout Sent a week before the session the speaker sends a Zoom invite and a handout to the meeting planner to distribute to the group. Research shows that participants retain information best when they are actively participating.
  5. The Big Day! The Zen of Listening Hour starts and finishes on time. The meeting planner is free to record the session for those who were unable to attend. After the meeting, participants are encouraged to email the speaker with questions. Immediate responses to questions are given.
  6. Follow Up Session (Optional) To assess progress, answer questions and dive deeper into specific areas of need. Participants are encouraged to re-take the Listening Skills Self-Assessment after a few months of practice to check progress and to see where more improvements are needed.

Total Fee: $600. The optional follow up session is an extra fee at $200/hr.

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