The 80 → 20 NoCrastination Tool

A stress-free way to stop procrastinating, get started and follow through on a task.

Frustrated thoughtful millennial
When you procrastinate you create a big gap between NOW and the START of a task.

The gap is filled with obstacles: uncertainty, your inner critics, perfectionism, boredom, the risk of failure, and the dreaded emotions that accompany them. The more we put off the task, the greater and scarier the gap.

The 80 → 20 NoCrastination Tool
gradually clears the obstacles, closes the gap and brings you to the start of the task.

The Zen of Listening Hour

The Zen of Listening Hour is a 60-minute live Zoom presentation customized to the communication needs of your organization.

In just an hour, participants will gain valuable insight into the power of mindful listening and acquire practical and easy-to-apply solutions to implement for immediate results.

Buy the book,
The Zen of Listening using the links below:

How to Get Started on Tasks You Don’t Like to Do

Mindful Listening & Self Assessment Form

ADHD & Entrepreneurship

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