Jesse from DC writes: I have ADHD. I’m an intrapreneur working on my own big projects within a large company.  How can I make transitions back to work easier? If life takes me away for more than a few days, it can take me up to 3 weeks to get back to my normal level of productivity. Additionally, shifting between projects while at work is also very challenging.

Difficulty with transitions of all sorts is a common concern for many of my clients.

When you’re away, keep some semblance of your basic routines intact – your sleep regimen, exercise, and diet. It’s so much easier to get back into your rhythm when your routines are minimally disrupted.

For on-the-job task transitioning, some folks set alarms or block out a duration of time for moving from task to task. However, those alarms and schedules are often ignored when you are deep in a task. If you must jostle between projects, seamless transitioning between tasks starts with planning transitions.  

For example, a section of Project A could have several steps. Write them out. Where are some reasonable transition points in Project A? At what point in that step-by-step plan would be a good time to transition from Project A to Project B? Before you leave that step in Project A, make a note of where you left off. When you re-engage with Project A, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off and waste no time. Do the same with Project B.

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